Biblical Tours in Greece, Italy & Turkey

With Dedication to the Religious Groups

Inspired Voyager has over 40 years of experience serving the religious market, specializing in Biblical Tours & Cruises, in Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Israel. We have been blessed to be the preferred Tour Operator serving religious tours for major Travel agents in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Throughout our path of organizing Religious Tours and Meetings, we have come to witness and wonder at the miracle of Christianity and the power of people gathering together. We have seen people strengthen their faith and renew their faith and reach out to each other in Christian Love; in Agape. It is that spreading of Agape that has been our personal mission. To enable people to come and experience for themselves the places of the Bible. We created well-researched itineraries, provided highly educated, Bible – oriented guides and staff with respect for all denominations while ensuring all practical matters are taken care of.

Incomparable Experience

We guarantee that our Biblical tours will meet and exceed your expectations. We pay attention to the smallest details from providing priority entrance to attraction to using the best buses available in every destination. Our local expert Christian guides will give you an accurate historical picture connecting it with the Biblical significance providing you with valuable knowledge. Our team routinely inspects and hand picks the best local accommodation for your group, making sure you have a comfortable overnight and tasty local meals during your journey.

Small Groups Friends and Family

Small groups are welcome, from a family to a small party of friends we cater to all your needs to deliver the same memorable experience as you would have in a big group. Operating on a private basis, you have control over your schedule, giving you the chance to delve deeper into what is important to you. As a smaller group, you also have more options for Bible study gatherings, meaning you could spend more time studying the Bible.