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Why you should book your next group with Inspired Voyager?

Why you should book your next group with Inspired Voyager?

7 Reasons we are the BEST for your next Groups traveling to Greece & Europe!

Reason No.1
Knowledge is the Key!

Inspired Voyager is a company established in 2014 by a team of tourism professionals passionate about the travel industry and serving groups from all over the world. They are packed with years of experience in organizing and executing demanding travel itineraries all over Europe.

Reason No.2
Attention to Detail!

Every tour like every aspect of our operation is carefully planned to the last detail. We take the time to study, visit and familiarize ourself we every destination. Moreover, we take the time to understand our client’s needs and wants by having an open and direct line of communication and answering every question in a timely manner.

Reason No.3
The WOW Factor

The “WOW” is something we take pride in. That is because, for every group we serve, we are always adding a “WOW” factor something small but with great impact that will make their journey memorable and make them come back again and again. From picturesque views to tasteful local traditional restaurants that enhances their experience

Reason No.4
A One-Stop-Shop

Our many years in the industry has enabled us to create relations with various suppliers in every aspect of tourism and not only. Any request you might have we are able to execute. Also by having our own deluxe buses we can ensure the highest quality of transportation for your groups. Not only in Greece but all over Europe! As we co-operate with more than 150+ Suppliers all over the region!

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Reason No.5

Inspired Voyager is serving some of the biggest American travel agencies and it is trusted by over 100+ American travel agents. We are always trying to build close relationships with all our partners and re-assure them via our high quality of services and highest degree of customer satisfaction that we are an honest company they can trust in Europe for their business

Reason No.6

We are proud to be able to GUARANTEE all our quoted rates in US Dollars, and this is one thing our travel agents love. They don’t need to worry about paying more if the currency fluctuates. We waive this stress off of you.

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Reason No.7

A great thing about working with us is our flexibility. Flexibility with changes, adapting at the moment, offering solutions to every problem before, during, and after the journey. We have a dedicated 24/7 Emergency line that Group leaders or Travel Agents can call in case something needs to be changed

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